A Love Letter to Yourself

Love yourself first, because that's who you'll be spending the rest of your life with. - Unknown

I have definitely seen a shift in the discussions about New Year's Resolutions. It might be because I no longer watch TV and I have removed the constant bombardment of advertisements telling me, 'I do not have enough' from my life. However, I am on social media daily and I believe that a shift is occurring. We as a culture appear to be waking up... realizing, if you will, that shame, judgment, blame, and hate are ineffective and should be relinquished for positive growth. 

We are not perfect…we never will be…we are human….and that, in and of itself, is perfect. 

As this New Year progresses forward, I would like to encourage you to do something for yourself that will assist you in positive growth, self care, and love for self. Yes, we all have things we would like to change within ourselves, but for a moment, I would like you to suspend these thoughts… 

Instead of focusing on what you do not have, I would like you to focus on what you already have…the beauty that makes you…YOU. 

That being said, today's blog challenges you to...Write a Love Letter to Yourself. It can be a formal letter; it can be bullet points, or maybe even draw a picture - whatever works for you. 

Write about the imperfections that make you unique (like the cute mole on your chin)… Write about the things that you have accomplished and created… Write about the hardships you've overcome…the challenges you have endured…the strength that you have built… Write about the cherished loved ones that surround and support you… Write about your pet that loves you unconditionally… Write about you…your life…how you have developed in your journey so far… Each and every time the inner critic appears…tell it to go away. This is the time for you to shine in all of your beauty…YOU DESERVE THIS. 

Then, fold it up.... tuck it into your journal, or someplace that is private to you, and take it out whenever you are having a rough day or moment. Or maybe you read this letter when you just need to remember how magnificent you are. 

We are definitely shifting as a culture. We are finally beginning to focus on the beauty of our uniqueness and our similarities…on our triumphs and our fumbles…and we are beginning to understand that all of it is needed for growth, which is the adventure we call life… 

May this be a reminder...or the beginning...of focusing and building the love for self…now and always.