A Love Note

Remember, tomorrow is promised to no one. - Walter Payton

Similar to The Gift of Gratitude blog, the idea of sending those you love a Love Note does wonders for the soul, for both the giver and receiver. 

I find this blog timely in that Valentine's Day is approaching. But remember, this is something that can be done at any time of the year, and it often has more impact when it is perceived as a random note. 

Like in the Acts of Kindness blog, I believe that it is so important to tell the people in your life how much you love them, and not just on holidays like Valentine's Day - but each and every day! 

Over the years I have read about people at the end of life regretting the chance to tell those they love how much they meant to them. Life is fragile and could be gone in a moment, and living without regret moments can be liberating and quite powerful. So today, write a letter, send a card, or make some Valentine's Day cards for those who hold a special place in your heart. Let them know how much they have impacted your life, inspired you, encouraged you, and loved you...tell them how grateful you are for their presence in your life, and how much you love them.