A Personal Sanctuary

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again. - Joseph Campbell

Do you have a sacred space that is just for you? A place where you can reflect on the current events of your life, take a break from your daily routines, and have a moment of self care, mind, body, and spirit? 

The creation of a personal sanctuary is a beneficial self care tool and can be empowering in that it signifies a specific time and space just for you. A sanctuary does not have to be an entire room, but simply a corner of a space where you are able to have reflection, contemplation, and extend gratitude for all the beauty that is you and your life. A sanctuary is where you can journal, meditate, read a book, and be immersed in your own world. 

Creating your own sanctuary does not have to take much...and again, it can simply be a small space within a room. It should compromise of items that are significant to you…perhaps it includes pictures of your loved ones, a candle, some flowers, crystals, incense, a special note or gift from a loved one...any items that have meaning for you. My personal sanctuary always includes a candle or incense…there is something about the sense of smell and specific fragrances that elevates a space. If I find flowers that I love, I will incorporate them into the space as well... most importantly there are items from nature, some feathers that I have found on walks and hikes, a bundle of my mother's lavender, and a crystal or two… Your personal sanctuary can be anything you want…make it special for you. In a way, a personal sanctuary can assist you in the reminder to make time for yourself...it can help you to honor the beautiful moments that you have experienced within your life...it can serve as a moment to break away from the everyday stressors...and provide yourself with self care. 

As always, I encourage you to try this self care tool, it can be fun to create, as well as extremely beneficial for establishing future moments of care for self.