A Walk

Walk towards to go in life and one day you will arrive. - Atticus

A walk has always been a grounding, centering, and restorative self care exercise for me, and I can honestly say that taking a walk is at the top of my self care list. Whether it is a walk in nature… a walk in your neighborhood... or a walk down an urban street... there is something about moving the body while taking in the surroundings, that can really help one get out of their own head.

A walk does not have to be long and remember, no judgment. A walk is merely a tool to assist one in bringing about a new perspective. Taking a walk is similar to the tool Step Outside, for it helps one to see the bigger picture…it shows one the world that surrounds you…the homes of those who live nearby …the people hurrying to and from work or running errands…the children playing outside…the busy streets filled with traffic…the squirrels playing in the trees…the birds flying high in the sky…you get the idea. 

In taking a walk you can incorporate other self care tools that we have discussed previously...like Breathe and Mindfulness, or add new tools...like listening to Music or spending time with a loved one. Do whatever feels right for you...that is the point.

What a walk is supposed to bring is a shift in surroundings (from your home to out into the world), mindful observation of the lives around you (people, birds, animals, etc.), and the reminder that we are truly all in this together…doing the best we can. Although quite simple, a walk can be transformative and a great self care tool for any time, anywhere…and as always…I encourage you to try it. Much love.xo