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  • Dr. Alexandria “Ali” Hotmer

    Spiritual Teaching and Life Coaching

    I have always walked the periphery of this world, constantly in pursuit of something more. I could sense a force surrounding me that felt deeply familiar and it was one I longed to develop a relationship with.

    At a very young age, I was drawn to ancient civilizations and their mysteries. I spent many nights staring up at the stars wondering what else is there? Is there not more? I lived life guided by my intuition and imagination. As I grew older, our culture grabbed a hold of me and as a consequence, I began to doubt my inner knowingness, the tapping, my intuition; it’s beckoning never ceased.

    I feel like I have lived many lifetimes in the forty-plus years that I have been on this planet and I believe I have lived many more before this time. Time and time again the inner tapping has guided me back to the realm of healing. I have dedicated myself to deepening my understanding of this inner-knowing with many years of training and study of ancient and modern healing modalities. Like a true Aquarius, I took what intuitively resonated and left the rest. While I honor both ancient and modern healing practices, I feel they still miss what is needed today.

    In my over fifteen years of study I have worked with people through intuitive healing sessions, oracle readings, psychotherapy, I have taught spiritual workshops and Reiki trainings, yoga classes, and meditation practices. Time and time again, the tapping beckoned me to see what was needed, what was missing. What were people quietly craving in the mysteries of life?

    My healing practice has roots in ancient wisdom with branches of modern-day simplicity. The quest of remembering is that we do not simply yearn to heal, but that we wish to grow.


    • Holistic Coach Certification, 2021, Holistic Coach Training Institute
    • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, 2011-2017, Immaculata University
    • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, 2013, One-Yoga
    • Addiction Studies Certificate, 2013, Immaculata University
    • Masters in Counseling Psychology, 2008-2011, Immaculata University
    • Angel Card Reader, 2011, Doreen Virtue
    • Reiki III/Master, 2005, Jamie Spinelli
    • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, 2005, Spirit of Yoga