Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness are self care tools not only for oneself, but for those who experience it. 
They fill the soul like magic - Ali Hotmer

I have such a fond relationship with Acts of Kindness. During the years of Twin Tree Healing, my sister Greta and I created and held numerous Acts of Kindness events. Our first was a campaign called Love Notes; positive affirmations were made on business-size cards left in 'random' places for strangers to discover. Some of our favorite places to leave these Love Notes were, 'You are Beautiful' in the makeup aisle at the grocery store and 'All is Well' in the credit card machine at the gas station. The possibilities of make a stranger's day a little brighter were endless. Another campaign was called Honk for Love. We created large Love Notes signs, gathered with groups of friends, and stood on the side of the road holding the signs encouraging people to 'Honk for Love.' These events were contagious and incredibly powerful, as we witnessed complete strangers shift towards love and kindness. 

Whether it is volunteering at your community SPCA, donating unwanted items to your local homeless shelter, or handing a Love Note to a stranger, Acts of Kindness fill the soul of not only the individual receiving it, but the soul giving it as well. It is a self care tool that ripples outward in the most incredible of ways! We live in a world where media and the news are focused on lack and what is so terribly wrong with the world, this in and of itself can be draining. An Act of Kindness will immediately show you what is right with the world - and there is so much right with this beautiful planet. 

The more we focus on love and kindness, the more it grows...and this is what we really need right now. Click here for Love Notes. Print them out, hand them out, and let the magic of an Act of Kindness fill you up (and be sure to share your Act of Kindness on all social media). 

Much much love to you now and always!