Guided Meditation

To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders. - Lao Tzu

I feel that I start off many of my blogs with, "This is one of my favorite self care tools…" but in actuality, I have many… There are days when some self care tools work better or have more impact than others… this is why it is important to have many tools in your self care toolbox to assist you with whatever you are feeling in the moment. Today I want to discuss the self care tool, Guided Meditation. Years ago my father had my sister Greta and I listen to a Past Life guided meditation by Brian Weiss…and within seconds, I was hooked. Cut to years later...Greta and I began writing guided meditations and incorporating them into workshops on a variety of topics. I am sure by now you have heard that meditation can be an incredibly beneficial tool for the mind, body, and spirit. It helps to refocus the mind and open one up to intuitive guidance.

I love guided meditation as a self care tool because it provides guidance for the mind and can be especially helpful for beginners of meditation. 

We are inundated with noise, advertisements, new shows, movies, etc., each and every day of our lives…when we have a moment of silence, it can feel deafening…and for some even intimidating. Silence can become a space where the critical mind appears quickly and the dialogue of fear and worry begins without hesitation… So instead of starting people with formal meditation, I always encouraged guided meditations. In many ways, it reminds me of being read to, before bed, as a child. 

Guided meditations are a journey where one follows the speaker's voice, which helps to distract one from the judgmental mind, creating a space where the spirit can take the lead. Much love friends.xo