Happy New Year and Full Moon

Don't worry about making waves simply by being yourself.
The moon does it all the time. - Scott Stabile

It's interesting…in the days leading up to the New Year, when asking people what they were doing for New Year's Resolutions, I found the majority rolling their eyes saying something like, "I'd rather do a 'Life Resolution,' it will be more likely to stick." In many ways, I found this response refreshing, as I have always found New Year's Resolutions to be filled with too much hype, often a set-up for big disappointments, with a side of guilt, shame, and regret. So in honor of this, I decided to do something different as a self care tool to celebrate the New Year. 

It turns out that the first day of 2018 falls on a Full Moon, and it just so happens that this moon symbolizes self-love. How perfect! As many of you know, during the years of Twin Tree Healing we were obsessed with discussing the moon, its phases, and the power that surrounds it. So what's the big deal with a Full Moon? Well ask any doctor, nurse, or mental health professional about their experience with the full moon and you will quickly discover its power… The moon affects our beautiful earth, the tides of the ocean, women's menstrual cycles, and people's overall emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual states. It is powerful energy…and under a full moon, it is the best time to... Let. Things. Go. 

A moment in time to let things go as we step into the New Year? I'm in! That being said, the following is an activity to do today, and each and every Full Moon for that matter:

Full Moon Ritual

Here is what you need: paper, pen, matches, a fire pit or fireplace (or something safe to burn paper within). 

1. With paper and pen write down all the things that you no longer need...all that you want to let go of…this can be broad or very specific, what's important is the energy behind what you write. 

2. As you write this…visualize…imagine...letting all of these things go…have fun with it (and keep breathing throughout it) 

3. Once you are finished with your list, either in front of your fireplace, fire pit or over the sink in your kitchen (please be careful) burn the list until it turns to ash…watch what you want to release, burn away...and Let. It. Go. Releasing with fire under the full moon is an extremely powerful activity...a ritual if you will. Know that what you have wanted to let go of has truly been released. And so it is. 

Beginning the New Year in this way is an excellent and quite magical self care tool. It is refreshing…uplifting…and freeing…for it creates space...for new energy...for this New Year. 

Welcome to 2018! Only possibilities await you!