Laughter is a symptom of spirituality. Laughter is the flow of love coursing through your body. Laughter is the nectar of present moment awareness. Invite more laughter into your life and relish the magic in every monent. - David Simon

Laughter is an incredibly powerful self care tool with multiple benefits. It boosts your mood and your immune system, and it improves your resistance to disease. Laughter stimulates your organs, reduces blood pressure, and enhances heart health. It naturally decreases pain, lowers stress levels, and promotes an overall sense of well-being. 

There are multiple ways to find laughter…spending time with close friends, playing a favorite game, watching a funny YouTube video, watching Stand up on Netflix or a funny movie...laughter can shift everything…the energy of a space and oneself. 

I encourage you to have some things that make you laugh on standby. For example, if I am having a difficult day or moment, I will put on a funny animal YouTube video or watch bloopers from a favorite movie or TV show. It immediately shifts everything for the better. 

Whether it is a chuckle or a full-on belly laugh, laughing can always help in elevating one's mood. 

I encourage you to find some laughter today.