Make Your Favorite Meal

Food may not be the answer to world peace, but it's a start - Anthony Bourdain 

Do you have a meal that you simply adore? A meal you dream about? A meal you only have on a special occasion? 

If we keep with the idea of 'being in the present moment' and 'living life for the now,' then why not make your favorite meal…today? 

If you want to have breakfast for dinner...dessert for lunch...or maybe something a little pricey and exceptional.......GO. FOR. IT. 

If you want to enjoy it with friends or loved ones...or maybe need a moment just for you...why not celebrate life by making your favorite meal? 

Consider making this meal on a weekday...or maybe in a random moment when you need something to brighten your spirits. 

Life is short. 

We never know when our last day may arrive…why not make your favorite meal today?