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  • Music

    Music gives a soul to the universe,
    wings to the mind,
    flight to the imagination,
    and life to everything.
    – Plato

    Do you have favorite songs that immediately brighten your mood…raise your spirits…and shift your energy? Are there songs that bring tears to your eye…offers relaxation…or maybe take you somewhere else for a moment or two?

    Music is a powerful and healing self care tool. It can shift one’s mood and change the energy of a space or situation in seconds…It has the ability to assist one in setting the stage for the energy one would like to welcome in…to one’s home, car, oneself…and so on.

    I use music in just about every situation. During my time in school, I would put music on to help me study and focus. I still use it today while writing. As I walk to work I listen to my favorite playlists on Spotify as a way to prepare me for the day…and I always play music on at the conclusion of the day while cooking dinner…

    A Playlist…or two…

    If you have found music to be beneficial for your wellbeing, I encourage you to make playlist(s) that you can use whenever you need a little lift in spirits…need some restoration…or merely a moment to laugh, have fun, and as we discussed in a previous blog – to Dance.

    These playlists can be your back up plan or self care emergency tool to help you through a difficult situation…a tough day…or a challenging week.

    As always, I encourage you to experiment with this self care tool…or to continue using it… for you never know how it can help you to brighten your mood…your day…. and maybe life as a whole.

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