Positive Affirmations...Favorite Quotes

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
- Henry David Thoreau

I grew up surrounded by quotes. My mother has always loved them. She would greet me each morning with a 'Carpe Diem!' and remind me of some of her favorite quotes when I was in need of encouragement or inspiration. It always helped and greatly impacted my life. Whether I was aware of it or not I have continued the tradition. Throughout the years, quotes have filled my notebooks, calendar, journal, office, home, and even my car. 

I look at quotes as daily reminders and inspiration, as well as positive affirmations. Quotes assist one to keep going - they inspire, empower, bring hope, make you think, and help you to reassess situations throughout the day. Depending on what you need you will find a million quotes online. Let me give you an example.  Say you need to be reminded to trust yourself or trust in the universe. Look up some quotes around the topic of trust, find a few that resonate, then print them out and put them up where you will see them throughout your day. It is amazing how they reframe or assist you, almost unconsciously, into thinking more positively. If you are also a lover of quotes, definitely join me on social media...I put up quotes of all kinds! 

Quotes can be extremely powerful. I encourage you to find your favorites, or what you need more of (inspiration, love, faith, hope, trust), and inundate your life with them…then see what happens.