Stay curious

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.
- Albert Einstein

Tap into that childlike wonder and try something new. 

Being curious is a self care tool in that it rekindles the excitement we had as children. Curiosity is similar to the previous blog Being Creative, it helps us see things from a new perspective and renews the spirit. Being curious and trying something new could fall under many things...


Being curious could be visiting a new place or location… Venturing to explore or hike a new state park or nature preserve… Exploring the local museum that you've been meaning to visit for years… Having food or drink at the new coffee shop or restaurant in your hometown…


Trying something new could also be an activity… Visiting that Paint Your Own Pottery shop you've been meaning to try... Attempting rock climbing for the first time... Bringing friends together at the local bowling alley you've been planning on getting to… 

Companies like Groupon make being curious easy in that they provide a plethora of ideas - places and activities - to explore at very reasonable prices. I remember one year skimming through Groupon's offerings and ended up at a workshop where I learned how to fly the trapeze! It was something completely out of the ordinary, an experience I will never forget, and definitely a new perspective! 

Often when we try something new and let curiosity lead the way, it brings us to places and experiences we never would have found otherwise, and help us back into the present moment. Being curious takes us out of our day-to-day lives, with their problems and concerns, and helps us see things from a new vantage point. It can provide us with new information that we would not have found if we remained in our daily routine. 

Just like a breath of fresh air, being curious invigorates and revitalizes the mind, body, and spirit. During this holiday season, there are multiple events going on, unique places to visit, and activities to try…so today, I encourage you to let your curiosity lead the way...and try something new.