Step outside

Live in the sunshine Swim in the sea Drink the wild air - Ralph Waldo Emerson

A change of scenery never hurt anyone and stepping outside can do wonders for the soul. It can literally shift one's energy and change one's mood in minutes.

Whether it is simply the fresh air, the shade of a tree, the light, and warmth of the sun, or the sounds of the breeze and creatures outside, the healing power of nature is incredible. 

One could look at stepping outside as a grounding exercise - a tool for moments of heightened anxiety, stress, or any other uncomfortable emotions - where one can step into a natural setting, take a few deep breaths, and quickly discover the peace and calm it provides. 

I chose this self care tool for Thanksgiving, as it can be helpful in the midst of the holiday craze - whether it is after a delicious meal, a needed moment for self, or just because…I encourage you to try it. 

Stepping outside is not only a self care tool for the holidays, but can be utilized at work, at home, or even at school. A little change of scenery, the incredible healing power of Mother Nature, and a moment to and rebalances...mind, body, and spirit. Happy Thanksgiving friends! I am so very grateful for you!