The Winds of Change

A long time ago my grandmother gave me advice that I hold dear to my heart to this day…she said to me, "Remember Ali, the only thing that is constant is change…" Well, isn't that the truth…and no more true than today. 2020 brought about change in ways that I don't think we could have ever imagined. The beauty of humans is that we adapt quickly and have the ability to continue creating splendor and love…even in the face of difficulties. As many of you know, I turn to nature for much of my guidance and wisdom. I work with Mother Earth in many of my rituals and spiritual practices…the winds of change being one of them. Working with the wind is an ancient practice. Unique and magical properties are associated with the wind…more specifically; different energies are connected to the wind depending upon the direction. 

The following is a brief description of what each direction carries with it…and how to co-create with the wind herself. 

The North Winds

The winds of the North are those of change, completion, and endings…the conclusion of a chapter within one's life. The cold and dry wind assists one in releasing all that you no longer need. If you are seeking to shift your mood or break a habit, the winds of the North will support you. 

The East Winds

The warm winds of the East holds the energy of renewal, creativity, life, power, and intellect. The Eastern winds embody the energy of new beginnings, hope, and change for the better. 

The South Winds

The winds of the South are hot and fiery. If you are seeking more energy or a jolt of power, ask the winds of the south to assist you. 

The West Winds

The cool and sometimes misty winds of the West have gentle and loving energy. The winds of the West hold within it…healing, love, and fertility. This is an incredibly cleansing and purifying wind. 

How do you use the wind to assist you? 

• Step outside with a sock, ribbon, scarf, or string. 

• Find your compass on your phone. 

• Hold the sock, ribbon, scarf, or string up in the air and watch which direction it blows. 

• Reference your compass to see which way the wind is blowing the sock, etc. 

• From there, stand facing the wind. Let it wash over you. 

• Mentally, or if you feel comfortable, verbally, ask for assistance, whether it is to release…to welcome in the new…or simply if you are in need of some newfound energy...ASK! 

• Allow the winds of change to work her magic. 

Like life, the winds are constantly changing. Mother Earth is a powerful force of good who's always patiently waiting to assist us…to help us along in this beautiful thing we call life. There are many ways in which to renew, release, and let go…if this resonates with you, what's the harm in trying to co-create with the winds of change? Much love friends.xo