YouTube Channel

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax. - Mark Black

Years ago, my sister, Greta and I had The Twin Tree Channel on YouTube. I have such fond memories of this time as we discussed many of our favorite topics. As with life, things changed and shifted in new directions. In honor of that magical experience, we decided to leave the channel up on I reflect back, it contains videos from another time and space...but remains really great conversations about spirituality and self-development. Fast forward to the present...I have now been working with people for over a decade, both individually and in group settings, and have recommended interventions, stress-reducing techniques, and self care tools over the years, but never had a specific resource to refer to. This past week I felt called to change that and created such a resource. So I am pleased to introduce you to the Autumn & Fig YouTube Channel. The channel already has two short breathing technique videos that are incredibly beneficial for stressful moments, when re-centering is needed. One of the short breathing techniques includes the 4 Part Breath discussed in the Breathe blog. In addition to these breathing techniques, I have included a Progressive Muscle Relaxation Mediation...which is a great exercise when seeking a moment of peace and calm. As weeks progress, I will include more and more interventions...and I am open to recommendations and requests as well! 

As always, I am thrilled to be on this journey with you...and if I can provide you with tools and techniques for increased well-being, decreased stress, and more self care, then I will feel like I have done my job and what my heart has guided me to do.